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Today Nevsky 10 is a building with a fascinating 230-year history, wonderfully renovated facades its own rectangular inner yard (convenient for parking of 15 cars), and an elegant driveway from Nevsky prospect.

Complete renovation carried out in conformity with the most up-to-date European requirements and all necessary and sufficient parameters and current standards made it possible to restore the former grandeur and beauty of the building and enrich this grandeur with modern facilities.


Our Benefits:

*  advantageous location in the very center of the business part of the northern capital;

*  modern interior design;

*  unique expensive finishing materials and equipment of the building;

*  prestigious and respectable image;

*  convenient approach, three entrances from the Nevsky prospect and the inner yard;

*  parking under security surveillance;

*  quietness and coziness of the mansion;

*  highest level of the building operation systems:

  • Otis automatic passenger elevators;
  • independent heat and hot water supply system by German manufacturer Vaillant;
  • electronic alarm system and around-the-clock security system.


Offer for office rentals in the Geneum Business Center on 10 Nevsky



Your company will be offered 20 to 700 square meters for rent on the four floors of the A class GENEUM office center on Nevsky 10.


Effective Date of Rent

The premises are ready for moving in and may be used immediately after signing of the agreement. If necessary, minor refurbishments may take place before the tenant moves in.


Rental Fees

The rent shall be paid based on the fee of 600 conventional units per 1 square meter a year. After signing of the rental agreement the pre-payment for the first two months shall be made and upon the delivery of the premises payments shall be made on monthly basis. All payments shall be made in roubles at the rate of the Central Bank as of the date of the invoice.


Term of Rent

The initial term of rent is 11 (eleven) months.

Standard Rental Agreement (web-link to download the agreement)


Operating Expenses

Operating expenses amount to 100 conventional units per square meter and are already included in the rental fee. Operating costs represent moderate and actual expenses and costs in connection with operation, ownership, renovation of the building including utility services, security services, cleaning of common areas, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, expenses for property management, improvement, renovation and power supply. The building was designed for the utmost efficient operation at minimal possible costs for the services provided.



GENEUM Business Center on Nevsky 10 has a private branch telephone exchange (PBX) and can offer to the tenants unlimited number of direct and internal telephone lines. The PBX is designed to meet all current and future needs of your company with regard to telephone communication. There is no need to buy any extra equipment. This telephone system directly provides such telephone services as forwarding, holding, speed dialing and voice mail. The Lessor shall provide the Tenant with any required number of lines with a series of sequenced numbers. Our telephone operators are Rostelecom and Star-Telecom.


Security Deposit

It represents a full rental amount for two (2) months in form of money transfer to be made after signing of the rental agreement as a lump-sum payment.


Guarantee of the Parent Company

After reviewing by the Lessor of the financial report of the Lessee your Company may be required to provide the guarantee of the rental agreement by your parent company.



Your company may be provided with one parking lot at the rate of RUR 10,000 per month. There is also a visitor parking spot.


Managing Company

The managing company of GENEUM Business Center is Limited Liability Company (OOO) “Aurora”.



Limited Liability Company (OOO) “Nevsky 10” with the Lichtenstein Investment Fund “House Port AG” being its shareholder.



The financial terms listed above represent the offer on behalf of the GENEUM Business Center on Nevsky 10 from the managing company LLC “Aurora”. We are offering the rental areas in the building which is considered the most prestigious on the real estate market of Saint-Petersburg. The owner shall provide any office space created using western European construction systems and materials built under supervision of the distinguished designers.

This offer does not contain all basic terms for final agreement of rent. It should not be construed as and is does not represent a legally binding document. It, however, contains reasonable and acceptable terms of rent subject to final approval of the partners. This offer may indeed be discussed by the parties prior to accepting the mutually beneficial terms.

We hope that your Company shall perceive this offer as a start for negotiations of rent and feel our genuine desire to see your Company as one of the tenants of GENEUM Business Center on Nevsky 10.



Ruzana Georgievna Podshivalova,

General Director LLC “Nevsky 10”
Telephone: 571 2005, 571 22 28

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