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Nevsky Prospect

  • Nevsky Prospect

Nevsky Prospect is the focal point of cultural and social life of Saint-Petersburg. Nevsky Prospect is noted for its wealth, diversity and yet integrity and completeness of architectural appearance. The birth of the street dates back to the foundation of Saint-Petersburg. In the 1710-s two roads were laid on the waterlogged area connecting the Admiralty and the Aleksander Nevsky Monastery with the old Novgorod tract (which approximately passed along the line of the modern Ligovsky Prospect). In 1721-24 the road was paved with stone. In the first half of the 18th century Nevsky perspective was being developed only up to Fontanka river – the frontier of the city. At first the houses had spaces between them used for gardens or undeveloped areas. In the 1760-s new blocks were planned on the territory of Admiralty esplanade based on design of A.V.Kvasov, which marked the beginning of the street. Since then the buildings had been built in a compact fa?ade manner. Only houses No.8 and No.10 have survived since that time.


The Prospect has become the main street of the Northern capital. Buildings of the Classicism period have left the most significant trace. The first third of the 19th century was the time when the majestic, integral, harmonious, austere and solemn ensemble of the prospect and adjacent squares were shaped.

Over the years the fashionable street turned into a business center of the city. It was here where numerous banks, offices, firms, and hotels were located.

Nevsky prospect has retained its status up to date. This is the focal point of the global Russian and international companies, magnificent architectural historical ensembles creating our contemporary history in a perfect harmony.

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